The Neighbor’s Pine Tree

Our next door neighbors have a Mexican pine that spreads half its boughs across our shared fence and over our yard. We love it. It carpets the east half of our garden in pine needles, which make a think mulch for the citrus trees and a useful addition to the compost. Our desert soil tends to be alkaline, so the acidity of the pine needles is welcome.

We get afternoon shade, too, in my favorite sitting area.

And I love the pine cones that fill out garden. Sometimes, I draw them, losing my attention for hours in the curving, overlapping shapes and shadows.

One year, a screech owl had a nest in the pine, and each morning, her two young fledglings stood on their branch, looking down at us with wide and wondering eyes.



5 thoughts on “The Neighbor’s Pine Tree

  1. When my children were little, we used to collect pine cones and then we would spread peanut butter all over them and roll them in birdseed. After tying string to them, we’d hang them in the trees for the birds. 🙂 We had so many yellow finches that they would sit in the branches to take turns eating. haha

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