Monthly Reflections

Thank you, May! Hello, June

We’ve never had a May like this before, not in all the 20 years I’ve lived in this desert, with a few weeks of cool weather. The garden looks like early May, not like the first of June.

For a gardener, at this particular epoch, climate change means that we can’t predict our weather, like we could in the past. With the jet stream wavy, broken, and unpredictable, I don’t know that we’ll have weeks of heat before the monsoons come. I don’t know if the monsoons will come.

Often, now, the northern air mixes with the southern air, since gaps appear in the jet stream in our region.

With this change, every moment becomes worthy of notice–each day is something to give thanks for. This year, my garden bloomed in May.

I don’t know what June will bring. I will watch, and even with the unpredictable, especially with the unpredictable, I will tend the plants and other living beings that share this spot of earth with me.

Thank you, my garden.


3 thoughts on “Thank you, May! Hello, June

    1. It’s possible that climate change, by increasing moisture and cooling desert temperatures, will actually make conditions better for non-native garden plants in the desert… Not that this is a good thing for our desert-adapted native plants. :/

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      1. Yeah, I’ve also heard that climate change might make gardening and agriculture here in Finland a bit easier by making the weather warmer and also making the weather conditions better for many plants that don’t thrive here now, buuut it also makes extreme weather more common so who knows. Also the negative global effects will outweigh the small possibly good local changes, I think.

        Let’s hope your native plants will survive. And that things don’t get worse.

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