Purple Like This

On Monday, I looked out at the clothesline where my laundry hung: It was spread in purple, pink, blue, and yellow–all the colors of the garden.

Most of my shirts are purple.

I want to wear purple like the pansies, so rich and shining that hummingbirds buzz me when I walk the path near work!

I want to wear purple with a yellow hat so that butterflies mistake me for a flower!

I want to dress in purple, with bright green pants, like a favorite character of mine from a SimLit story I love!

Ah, purple! I want to wear purple like this!



4 thoughts on “Purple Like This

  1. Purple! And green! And yellow! Purple has been my favourite colour ever since I was little (well, now it’s one of my favourites as I also love greens and turquoises and yellows and all sorts of other colours).

    Also yes, spread the word of the neon lime green pants and purple shirts! Soon it will become a trend and my evil plan will work! Muahahahaa! 😀 But seriously, thanks for the shout-out. I’m flattered to hear that the way I dress my Sims can be an inspiration.

    Also your garden’s colours are so gorgeous! So bright! And you describe them so well.

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