Simple Joy · Time

Pink, Rose, and Gray

The garden is for relaxing.

My office job is reaching the pinnacle of a busy spell: in three weeks, we launch a project I’ve been coordinating and working on for a year. I can feel all the year’s worth of anticipation piling up into this last spell.

So in the morning, when I step out the kitchen door, the garden’s whispers make┬áme pause, breathe, slow down, and understand that there’s so much more to life than a new website for the organization that employs me.

There’s lavender, which brings calm through scent and texture. There are dusty pink snapdragons, which bring calm through shape and color. There are butterflies, hummingbirds, lizards sunning themselves, and tiny fish resting in the shadows of the pond.

The garden is for relaxing, and this balances every moment I spend in the office chair with emails pouring in and time pouring out.

In the garden, time trickles slowly enough that we can breathe. Oh, that everyone could have a garden and remember that life is for relaxing, too!


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