Where I Love to Sit

I must admit: Most of my time in the garden is spent doing two things, watering and sitting.

When I was much younger, I never had time to sit in the garden. I was always digging, planting, pruning, turning the compost, running inside, running out. I was busy.

As I became a more skilled gardener, something happened: fewer things needed to be done. Now, I prune a few times a year, but only after breeding season is over for the birds, and always, being sure to leave plenty of dead branches for carpenter bees. I dead-head the flowers now and then, but more often, I let them go to seed, to feed the birds and to self-seed when the rains come.

It seems there are fewer things that need doing the wilder I let the garden become. So that leaves me with ample time to sit, watch, listen, and smell. This circle is my favorite spot to sit. The tree lizards play on the desert willow and leap from pot to pot. The skippers and little blues flutter from blossom to blossom, sipping nectar.  Goldfinches visit the coreopsis; hummingbirds stop by the salvia. And I sit in the center, surrounded by friends.


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