During my first years as a gardener, way back over 30 years ago, I remember reading in a garden book about the color blue. The writer, whose name I’ve long forgotten, said that blue was among the rarest of colors and, in his garden, the most prized. So I grew up as a gardener feeling that blue flowers were nearly sacred.

As they are.

When I lived in the Northwest, I had good luck with blue pansies, and in one apartment building we lived in, blue peonies grew along the walkway. But aside from that, I never grew many blue flowers.

Here in our desert garden Victoria blue salvia is one of our most successful perennials, loved by bees, hummingbirds, lizards, and me.

Verdin like them, too, and will often pick the blossoms to sip the nectar at their base.



2 thoughts on “Blue

    1. In this garden, carrots grow beautifully! It’s the first garden I’ve had where carrots and parsley grow well. Other things, like squash, which it seems like should grow really well down here, and which have grown well in other gardens, just don’t thrive in this particular garden! It’s very parsnickety! 🙂

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