The desert Southwest is home to hummingbirds! Sixteen hummingbird species have been spotted in the region where I live, and in our garden, we typically see seven to eight of them.

As with the lizards, doves, goldfinches, house finches, thrashers, and other residents, we get to know the hummingbirds well. Sometimes, they’ll fly under the brim of my hat to say hello close up. Most mornings, they’ll come to play in the stream from the hose when I’m watering.

They love to dart in and grab a drink from the droplets in the spray, and they’ll even land on the stream of water and ride it down for their own water slide.

Instead of setting out feeders, I’ve opted for planting a nectar-rich garden. Our next-door neighbor has a feeder, so I figure they can get their fast-food there and their slow-food in our garden.



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