Monthly Reflections

Thank you, April!

What a lovely month April was! The garden filled with blooms, as pansies, coreopsis, gaura, roses, milkweed, lavender, Michaelmas daisies, and African daisies brought color and cheer.

Early heat visited in the middle of the month, and we ended the month with a cool, breezy weekend, with lots of wind in between.

Fledglings filled the garden with songs and chatter, and the lizards woke up for the summer.

In the past, I’ve reflected on similar patterns from year to year, finding comfort in one April being like the last and the next. This year, with a dissolving jet stream and strange weather patterns, I realize that the Aprils of the past might not come around again, and all the patterns I treasure as continuing forever on this earth are shifting. The beauty of April, now, doesn’t bring comfort of continuity: Instead, it brings the poignancy of the temporal. This precious earth–this precious month. This precious moment.



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