Snap the Dragon

Snapdragons and pansies have always been favorites of mine! They have faces!

When I was a little girl, my sister would make a puppet out of a single snapdragon flower, squeezing the sides of the blossom so it would open its mouth to talk.

Here in the desert, snapdragons can sometimes be perennials. I usually buy several in late autumn for the winter garden, then they bloom through early summer and repeat the next fall.

This year, the snapdragons are getting someĀ antirrhinum rust, which causes black spots on the underside of the leaves and weakens the plants somewhat. I’m guessing that our mild winter contributed to this fungal growth.

The hot dry six weeks from late May until the start of the monsoon in early July should help to curb the growth of this fungus. My plan is to take good care of the snapdragons so they’ll be able to recover and return to bloom with the cool weather at summer’s end.


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