My garden loves yellow and purple. If a plant has yellow or purple blooms, chances are it will thrive in this garden.

At the pond, yellow irises have begun to bloom.


In the rock garden, the African daisies bloom.


I love these hardy daisies that I planted 17 years ago. The plants remain small, and, since they grow in filtered sun and afternoon shade, they’re never blanketed in flowers, but the bloom from March through November, and they provide a steady nectar source for skippers.


I’ve let my broccoli raab bloom. Look! It’s so beautiful! The bees think so, too.




7 thoughts on “Yellow

  1. Yellow and purple are great colours for a garden! Man, now I wish that spring was faster here too… we’re in the depressing transition stage when all the snow is almost gone but nothing really grows yet. Not that I’d have a garden anyway. All I have is a balcony and a few flower pots. Your garden is so beautiful. 🙂

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      1. One day, right? I was just reflecting this morning how my garden is such a big part of the dream I had for my life when I was younger. We didn’t start this garden until I was 40. Before then, it was always container gardens or temporary gardens on rental properties. It’s a dream worth waiting for and holding onto! 🙂

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      1. Around here the proper spring comes in late April or in May, and it’s usually advised to plant summer flowers in June because before that there’s still a good chance that the flowers will freeze at nights.

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