Monthly Reflections

Thank you, March!

March brings so much joy and beauty to the garden! The finches and doves build nests, the lizards wake from winter hibernation, and so many flowers bloom!

This year, the first half of the month was warmer than usual, with a week in the upper 80s, lower 90’s. Then, last week, the jet stream dipped down, and we didn’t even reach 70 degrees today.

The garden–and we who sit in the garden on sunny afternoons–are glad for the cool spell. It will be hot soon enough.

Usually, March brings spring migrants, but this year, aside from a few yellow-rumped warblers, we had very few. I can’t help but worry about declining song bird populations. We had few fall migrants, too.

But a cactus wren has come back to sing in the prickly pears. When we moved in nearly 20 years ago, cactus wrens were common and abundant residents, along with Inca doves. The increase in the local raptor population has wiped out the Inca doves from our region. And for some reason, the cactus wrens nearly cleared out, too. Hearing this boisterous fellow chattering at the setting sun the other week made me feel hopeful that they’ll return to our garden.

The changes, in plants and populations, through the years, run like patterned code through the garden, like passages of scales through a prelude, and as I look back on this March, with gratitude, notes from 19 Marches past are played.


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