Gerbera Pink

I’m a sucker for daisies! They must be my favorite flower–so simple, so symmetrical, so open to the sun!

Of course, I’ll claim other flowers to be my favorites–that’s the gardener’s prerogative, after all. For now, let’s call the daisy the favorite!

I purchased this particular pink gerbera daisy early in spring 2015. It bloomed right up until the days reached 100 degrees F, then, in August, with the summer rains, it got a second wind and bloomed until December.

I expected the plant would be short-lived and bought it to serve the role of an annual. But it’s been happy, with blossoms all last summer and, after a short break in late fall and early winter, a few flowers through winter and early spring.

And look at it now! I love the uncurling of the furled flower buds, the bright open faces, the puffs of seeds! What a friend this bright gerbera has become!


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